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A noted banking and financial service industry lending house contacted us while in the midst of a phase of accelerating customer penetration and business expansion. Their challenge was an increasing inflow of in-bound calls and a dire need for a way to manage the increasing need for outbound calling. With the next round of strategic client penetration fast approaching, the client needed a partner who could act fast and sturdy. What they eventually wanted to do was not just an automated call management framework, but also a way to rationalize costs while providing a great customer experience.

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A promising start-up into the academia line of work in the United States, approached us with a unique requirement. The business model of the company revolved around signing up students from various educational backgrounds, cultures and ages through cold calling and explaining academic course material and other service offerings. This was a unique challenge for us as the client required specially designed scripts for certain prospective customer classes, and that the calling agents be trained to first recognize these patrons and then execute the calls based on the prescribed scripts. And additionally being a start-up touting towards being profitable, there was an obvious cost constraint inherent in the project requirement.

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A major insurance industry player here in the United States was battling acute cost pressures on its operational front when it got in touch with Call Center BPO. With its huge calling agent base stations, the entire calling and customer acquisition exercise was proving all the costlier, day by day. In addition, the company was introducing complex products every year, which weren’t being landed effectively with their clients. As a result of this, their sales numbers were not very impressive and if extreme turnaround measures were not put in immediately, there could have been a serious consequence to the very business operations.

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