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With the advent of the 21st century, companies across the world started realizing the value of outsourcing key tasks to other companies specializing in specific domains. Among these, call centers became the most ubiquitous as all leading firms across the world started partnering with business process outsourcing (BPOs) firms to tap their professional inbound, outbound and BPO services. With several years of experience, Call Center BPO is among the most sought after firms in the industry and is widely renowned for its call center outsourcing strategies. All you need to do is select your call strategies and our experts will look for outsource call centers that are most suited for your goals - without any extra charge. These are the four major call center outsourcing strategies to consider:

Onshore call center outsourcing:

Depending on the nature of product or service being offered, most companies prefer retaining agents who are familiar with the local culture and reside in the same country as your market for effective communication. While choosing onshore call centers can be a bit costlier – with higher cost-per-minute or cost-per-hour – the quality of the service remains high, as does customer satisfaction.

Nearshore call center outsourcing

As the name suggests, nearshore call center outsourcing involves choosing a firm in a neighboring country where the agents are fairly familiar with the culture and can provide services at comparatively cheaper prices. Outsourcing tasks to a country within the same hemisphere has several advantages as you are able to reduce the cost of operation without creating a language or cultural barrier between the agents and your customers

Offshore call center outsourcing

This strategy helps reduce costs significantly and is the most widely adopted option across the globe. The primary reason behind the popularity of offshore call centers is the availability of cheap manual labor at a cost much lower than what you have to pay in your home country. While cost-cutting is a huge advantage, offshore call centers can pose challenges in the form of cultural and language barriers. Call Center BPO identifies and partners with high-quality call centers that meet global standards of customer care to ensure that your cost-cutting efforts are not hindered by communication gaps.

Virtual or home-based call center outsourcing

Home-based customer support services are gaining popularity as several companies have started choosing domestic virtual call center options to route customer service call to people working from home. Operating out of the comforts of their homes, agents are able to take care of the cost of the equipment while retaining the flexibility of working in an informal setup. The service is widely popular because it helps serve both your purpose – retaining high quality due to the agent’s familiarity with the local customs and language, as well as a reduction in cost due to a home-based setup.

Call Center BPO is the right choice for your business

Amid cut-throat competition and a slew of call centers cropping up across the world, finding the right partner can be a bit daunting. Whether you wish to cut costs by finding an outsourcing partner in some other country or wish to hire local agents who are well-versed with the language and culture, Call Center BPO is the top outsourcing partner around that can help you find your best resources. Our experts evaluate your needs and help find the best outsourcing strategies (onshore, nearshore, offshore or home-based) based on your goals.

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