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Educational institutions have such complex internal processes that it is making the industry unsustainable. The investment that should have been dedicated towards student learning and infrastructural growth to facilitate educations is instead being wasted into handling expensive administrative processes that are seriously hampering their bottom line and profits. If you are also an educational institution who is struggling to maintain operations as well as profits, then you need Call Center BPO and its professional support to reduce your costs significantly. You will not be the first university or an educational institution to make that giant leap into entrusting call centers with their administrative duties. You can also join this progressive bandwagon by calling 833-333-5030. We can handle scores of responsibilities for you so that you can focus on delivering quality education to your students.

Our Services

Call Center BPO has a decade long experience in servicing educational institutions. Today, they want to partner with us because we guarantee quality services at an affordable cost. You can rely on us to offer range of services like recruitment, enrollments, registration, candidate pre-screening, student counselling, providing course information, and helpdesk support to students. When you bring us on board, we don’t function as a singular unit but as an extension of your existing staff so that the information can flow seamlessly and accurately between all stakeholders.

Why Us?

There is no better partner than us when it comes to delivering educational services. Let us tell you why:

  • Student loans: All our experts are trained and qualified to handle our operations with professional acumen and accuracy. You can bank us to provide high-quality solutions to all kinds of educational organization. However, one area where we particularly shine is the student loans. We provide them the clear path to gain financial assistance to fund their studies.
  • Lending programs: We work closely with all colleges, universities, lenders, and educational institutions that are responsible for defining the future of our students. We have the technical know-how as well as the resources to implement lending programs that will not only benefit the student but also the institute and the lender. No need to worry about the complex paperwork behind every student loan. Our staff will get you through the process easily.
  • Other services: We not only handle all the backend operation of your educational institution but also other services such as handling the tutoring and mentoring needs of your students. If required, we can also find you brilliant instructors who can help your students define their learning curve.

The most important thing you need to understand is that our services are fully customizable to suit your needs. We are also flexible scaling our services to meet the dynamic needs of your institution without putting undue pressure of paying for resources during lean periods.

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