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Consumers these days are used to getting exemplary customer service from businesses. Needless to say, they want the same level of experience from the government agencies too. With so many critical services facilitated by the government, be it social programs or citizen services like passport processing, it is important that the people who seek information and assistance are able to connect to the right people in the department and get their queries answered promptly. This is why Call Center BPO stepped up and incorporated federal services into its portfolio of call center services. We provide professional customer service as well as operational support to the federal agencies that allows them to function smoothly. We have a team of specialized agents who are trained to handle specialized interactions between community members and government entities. Our agents can access multiple sources to provide quick and accurate assistance to the public. What makes such a popular choice among state and local agencies is our local presence in all fifty states and ability to produce customized solutions specific to that region. We provide expert services in claim processing and payments, dispatch services, hotlines, issuing IDs and permits, surveys etc. So call us today at 833-333-5030 to learn more about our federal service offerings and how you can benefit from it.

How it Works?

Call Center BPO works as a primary and third-party vendor on government programs. When you hire us, we work closely with the agency to understand their requirements and develop solutions that can advance their missions and goals. We provide a team of skilled experts who are multi-lingual and well-trained to handle advanced processes.

Decade Long Experience

We have been in the business 10 long years and have more experience than most service providers in the industry. By hiring us, you will empower each of your customers with accurate information, highest level of interaction, precision, timely service and lots more. We will be able to streamline all tasks assigned to us and also ensure that they have been carried out with precision as well as accuracy.

Why Us?

We understand that the government agencies are under immense pressure to operate with complete efficiency with no room for error. We can meet this growing expectation with ease and help our clients provide customer satisfaction to the communities they serve.


Government agencies are flooded with calls, emails, and faxes that leaves them less time to do much else. Add to it the pressure of responding to video conferencing, text session monitoring, web app support etc. We can allay that pressure by working alongside our clients and help them operate with higher efficiency. Our flexible models can be tweaked to suit your requirements and the environment that you need.

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