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There are many outsourcing firms out there that overpromise and under-deliver. They will neither be cost effective nor will they help you earn large revenues. You know why? Because they don't have a reliable implementation process. BPO implementation services consist of the right people, right tools, and right business practices to carry out the tasks effectively and affordably. In absence of these processes, the operations often fail to sync with your business plan. As a result, all your money, time, and resources go down the drain. This is why you need partners like Call Center BPO which is a known name in delivering outstanding BPO implementation services in the US. We understand the relation between speed and quality. When we get on board, we get to work immediately because we understand the implications that unwarranted delays could have on your business bottom line. There may be leads waiting to be closed that can run the risk of going cold if not acted upon promptly or unanswered complaints that can further infuriate irate customers. This is the reason we get our operations up and running as soon we are hired If you want to know how we facilitate this process, you can give us a call at 833-333-5030 and talk to one of our experts. Here is a look at how we carry out our BPO implementation services.

STAGE 1: Start-up phase

In this stage, now that we are officially on board, we choose the team members on both the sides and schedule meetings to start initial discussions. We also lay down the procedure in clear terms for all the parties involved.

STAGE 2: Discovery

This phase is all about discovering the correct resources to launch the BPO service as soon as possible. From customer service mechanisms to identifying a support system, we incorporate all your requirements and weave it into our implementation program. Additionally, we define the protocol for uninterrupted communication.

STAGE 3: Testing phase

We check all the systems for efficiency and ensure that everything is in working condition. We also implement communication channels and test their connectivity. We take a download from our clients and train our staff to client-specific requirements.

STAGE 4: Go live

Once the systems and resources are in place, we will start the live operations. Our team of supervisors and managers will oversee the operation with detailed insight and ensure that all teething problems are duly resolved. We also gather production metrics to review the efficacy of the program at a later stage.

STAGE 5: Performance metrics

This is the final stage of our implementation services where we measure the statistics and assess our performance. We share these reports with you so that you can take an informed course of action based on report results.

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